3 basic problems when working remotely. Solutions for employers

More and more teams are changing their activity to working remotely. This change is a good thing, as stated in a study by eJobs Romania: even under normal circumstances, 8 out of 10 Romanians would like to work from home.   

Even more, under the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are willing to isolate themselves at home and not be exposed to any risk by commuting to work. It is estimated that by now, over 500.000 Romanians are working from home. 

Employers, on the other hand, face multiple problems regarding work management and evaluating performances. Their main question is: ‘How efficient is remote work?’

And from this question emerge multiple ramifications that cause manager concerns.  

We’ve identified 3 basic problems regarding working remotely, that we’ll share with you below. For each one, there are technological solutions, available on the spot.

Checking working hours

Since 2017, The Labour Law forces employers to keep a strict record of their employees clocking in and out, to check their daily working hours. How do you do this from home?

Solution: When remotely, employees can use a mobile clocking system. This will allow employers to track the punch-in time of every person and also their actions while connected.  

HR services for your employees

The HR department has to process all sorts of requests from employees (medical leave, motivated leave or overtime requests). What to do when the HR department has to work remotely and these requests have to be processed online?

Solution: The requests can be created and sent automatically, with the help of integrated systems. Even more, HR specialists can organize different type of online events for the employees and can report transparently on their activity.

If you are still managing the HR documents manually, there are applications that allow you to import all your data and manage it efficiently online.

Project management

Remote communication can prove difficult for complex teams, whose members have to fulfill many tasks and also trade tasks between departments. Even more so if the project is a result of multiple companies collaborating. How to handle all this exchange of data without multiple sheets?

Solution: It’s essential that the manager foresees the teamwork and the progress in each stage of the project, ensuring that every member of the team knows what tasks need his/her focus. Online project management programs allow each user the possibility of viewing, editing or managing data, so that everybody is on the same page.


offers integrated solutions for all the problems we’ve presented above: time tracking using integrated countdown timers, issuing documents and allowing access to important documents at employer and employee level, issuing personalized documents to allow easy communication and development tracking for each stage of the project.   

Sounds interesting? Start making up for the lost time. Login for a free account right now.

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