With TimeBack, you grow your business without additional costs.

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Yearly (Get 2 months FREE!)

Time Apprentice

Take control of your schedule and manage your time and projects on the fly

€ 2.50 per user per month
€ 3 per user per month
check_circle_outline Time-Tracking
check_circle_outline Personal Events
check_circle_outline Unlimited Projects
check_circle_outline Basic Reporting
check_circle_outline 1 Role - Admin
check_circle_outline 1 Year Data Retention

Time Manager

Grow your business and start collaborating like a pro

€ 4.20 per user per month
€ 5 per user per month
check_circle_outline Everything in Time Apprentice +
check_circle_outline Unlimited Team Members
check_circle_outline Time-Tracking for Team Members
check_circle_outline Events for Team Members
check_circle_outline Define work schedules
check_circle_outline Auto-compute overtime
check_circle_outline Advanced reporting
check_circle_outline Geo-location

4 different Roles & Permissions
(Admin, Team Lead, User, Guest)

check_circle_outline Unlimited data retention
hourglass_empty Billable hours
Perfect for teams
emoji_events star

Time Master

Eveything you need to manage your team efficiently and deliver your projects in time and within budget

€ 9 per user per month
€ 5 per user per month
€ 7.50 per user per month
€ 4.20 per user per month
check_circle_outline Everything in Time Manager +
check_circle_outline Custom Events
check_circle_outline Custom Roles & Permissions
check_circle_outline Custom reports
check_circle_outline Notifications for start & end of day
hourglass_empty Auto-compute night-shift hours
hourglass_empty Custom overtime hours
hourglass_empty Geo-fencing
hourglass_empty Manage clients
hourglass_empty Invoice clients
hourglass_empty Reporting dashboard
hourglass_empty OKR support
hourglass_empty Lock time entries
hourglass_empty 100+ integrations
Limited time offer

Freelancers, Solopreneurs & Start-ups

You may be small, but your ambitions might be big, so TimeBack will take care of many headaches.

Because we know how it is to be new on the market, fighting your way to glory, our app is free of charge to newjoiners in the freelancing world & start-up companies employing less than 3 people. Get in touch with us to receive your FREE subscription.



Tell us what you need and we’ll make it make it happen! We’ll build your own time-machine!

For those organizations that wish to benefit from TimeBack’s full range of features and then some, we can provide you with a customizable offer that includes all the bells and whistles, based on your specific requirements. You want a custom logo? In-house development or server storage? We got you covered!




First 30 days are free

Enjoy the first 30 days of TimeBack, completely free, with full access to all of our features.


Switch or cancel anytime

Feel free to switch between plans or cancel your subscription at any time – absolutely no strings attached!


Billing per team member

Freely add or remove team members in your workspace, as we’ll recalculate the bill according to your current team size.


Privacy is everything

We value your privacy and keep a very high level of security. Check our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details.

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Apprentice Manager Master
Time Tracking
Track personal time done done done
Track time for teams done done
Edit team trackings done done
Define work schedules done done
Custom overtime hours hourglass_bottom
Auto-compute overtime hourglass_bottom hourglass_bottom
Auto-compute night-shifts hourglass_bottom
Start & end of day notifications hourglass_full
Billable hours hourglass_bottom hourglass_bottom
Lock time-entries hourglass_empty hourglass_empty
Geo-location done done
Geo-fencing hourglass_empty
Personal events done done done
Team events done done
Custom events done
Unlimited members done done done
Manage team members (basic information) done done
Manage team members (advanced information & reporting) done
Assign roles (admin, team lead, user, guest) done done
Custom roles done
Unlimited projects done done done
Unlimited tasks done done done
Project templates done
Time & budget estimates hourglass_full hourglass_full
Time & budget alerts hourglass_empty
Integrated time reporting done done done
Manage clients hourglass_full
Generate invoices hourglass_empty
Define objectives & key results for teams or members hourglass_empty
Track objectives completion ratio hourglass_empty
Define check-lists for objective completion hourglass_empty
Personal time reporting done done done
Team activity reporting done done
Project activity reporting done done
Advanced, customizable & prefilled employee reports done
Reporting dashboard hourglass_empty
Connect TimeBack to your favourite tools hourglass_empty